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Joycon drift can be a major pain! We can help! Prices include repairs for a set of Joycons (2) We offer two options for Joycon repair:

DIY Repair Kit - An all in one package, we send you instructions, 2 brand new OEM (Original Manufacturer) Joysticks in either White or Black.

*Hall Effect Premium Joysticks are an evolution in joystick technology. These joysticks are redesigned with magnetic technology. This vastly increases the durability of your joysticks. Feel comfort that you can play your most intense games for hours on end without risking the breakdown of your controllers.

Mail In Repair - Send us your Joycons, let us do the work for you! We only accept Joycon Pairs. It is very common that if one joystick breaks down and starts to drift, the second Joycon will start to drift as well. Save yourself the headache and time by sending both, let us bring your controllers to life. We can accept any number of Joycons as we understand many users have multiple pairs sitting in a drawer or being unused due to the all too common drift problem 

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