Official (OEM) Neon Purple / Neon Blue Joy Con Housing Shells for Nintendo Switch

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This product is a custom housing shell for Nintendo Switch Joycons. In order to enjoy this product to its fullest, follow directions below and on instruction sheet included with your order. Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers are not included.

  • You will need to take apart your controllers using tools provided in your order. Follow along carefully with provided youtube video and take your time as to not damage electronics. This is a wonderful DIY project for anyone interested in customizing their own controllers, this can be repeated with different custom designs endlessly as long as you are careful with your assembly.  

Order includes

  • Full Set front and back custom designed housing shells for Nintendo Switch Joycons 
  • Tools for installing your custom housing shell
  • Instruction sheet with a Youtube link to follow along as you replace your Joycon housing shell
Installation Support
  • Take your time!
  • Expected time - 1-2 hours
  • 4 back screws on Joycons are Y or Tri-wing screws. Use adequate pressure when removing screws as to not strip them. 
  • Remove battery as soon as Joycon is open to protect electronics 
  • Ribbon cables are fragile, be gentle. 
  • Keep screws separated by size, you will save time this way.
  • Build your Joycons on a clean space to best keep track of small parts.
  • Shoulder buttons function using springs, be gentle when removing them. 
  • When finishing Joycon shell installation, hold seam as you are screwing in triwing screws to have a perfect fit. 
  • Enjoy your stunning new custom Joycons!!



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