Pink Custom Xbox One Controller + DIY Shell Kit

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This product is a custom Faceplate shell for an Xbox One Controller. In order to enjoy this product to its fullest, follow directions below and on instruction sheet included with your order..

  • You will need to take apart your controller using tools provided in your order. Follow along carefully with provided youtube video and take your time as to not damage electronics. This is a wonderful DIY project for anyone interested in customizing their own controllers, this can be repeated with different custom designs endlessly as long as you are careful with your assembly.  

Order includes

  • Faceplate shell custom designed for Xbox One Controllers
  • T8 screwdriver for installing your custom housing shell
  • Instruction sheet with a Youtube link to follow along as you replace your Xbox One Faceplate shell
Installation Support
  • Take your time!
  • Expected time - 20 mins.
  • Carefully remove sticker inside battery compartment or cut a hole in the center to reveal a T8 screw
  • Remove side rails following the seam, some force is needed 
  • Remove 5 total T8 screws - behind battery compartment + Top and bottom of backside of controller underneath side rails. 
  • No Need to remove back of controller, only remove faceplate, you will save time here.
  • Build your Xbox One Controller on a clean surface to best keep track of small parts.
  • Enjoy your stunning new custom Xbox One Controller !!

Fits ALL Xbox One S & Xbox One X Controller models, Does NOT fit Xbox Elite Controller or Xbox Series X Controllers



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