The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Xbox Series X/S Controller

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This is the Ultimate! Custom Xbox Series X/S Controller. Change your game like never before with L2 and R2 hair trigger switches. Level up even more with 4 remappable rear buttons. All Controllers are carefully tested. 

How to use "The Ultimate"

- Trigger Dampener - Enjoy the textured grip on both sides of the controller. Move the switch from LEFT to RIGHT to shorten the travel distance of L2 and R2. Each trigger is independent, meaning you will activate each side one at a time. 

- Remap Buttons - Turn your controller ON, move switch on the back of the controller to the RIGHT to activate the button mapping. Choose from A,B,X,Y, L1, L2, R1, or R2 and HOLD the button down, then HOLD one of the rear buttons down until the blue light blinks. Remap as many of the four rear buttons as you like. When finished, move rear switch to the LEFT to confirm the remap.

** NOTE you can remap and button to another button at any time. 
** If red light blinks, it means the rear button has already been mapped to another button.

Customer Support

  • All Custom built controllers are carefully tested
  • We ONLY use official controllers, never used, never refurbished
  • Designs  go through significant durability testing to ensure longevity.
  • If for any reason a controller does not work when it arrives, please contact us and we will offer to repair your controller
  • We guarantee the quality of our products and promise to stand by you if issues arise regarding the custom design, button problems, or certain power issues. Feel free to reach out to us via email if you have any concerns or questions
  • To extend the long life of your controller keep hands clean when playing, and for optional added protection consider a clear protective case. 
  • Contact us @

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